Getting to the Gray

Humans have a tendency to avoid the discomfort of the unknown. I was bred in it.

During a two-year study in “Use of Self,” I was directed to spend weeks digging into every aspect of my identity. This meant journaling about my race, my class, my thoughts on political subjects, ability, gender, sexual identity and more. 

Once completed, I had to present my cohort and a panel of practitioners with a sentence- ONE SENTENCE- that distilled all of my years of self-reflection plus this two-year intensive into my “essence.” 

Waffling and murky, I listened quietly as others shared when they are at their best, how their sense of self serves them, and how it might do more. 

Then it was my turn…

“My essence is getting stuck in the gray,” I mumbled. 

I’ll never forget what my mentor said to me, “Anne, what might it look like to consider that you are not stuck in the gray but instead that you have a gift for being able to explore it?” 

It changed my entire outlook. I decided to dedicate my life and my business to helping shift leaders and their communities from a place of confusion and discomfort to a place of curiosity and clarity, particularly when it comes to issues relating to race/movement of D&I/healing/ignored topics. 

Our invitation to you is to join us in the gray so that you can return to your environment – be it your place of business, of worship, of family origin, or elsewhere—to be the change maker you strive to be.  


Anne Hilb, Founder


Anne Hilb founded Graymake with one purpose: to help
create more deeply connected people and communities. She accomplishes this by creating spaces in which necessary conversations can occur.

Anne comes to the work with a decade of experience in conflict and facilitation expertise. She holds a Masters of Science in Organization Development from American University. Anne believes firmly that progress of any kind demands deep listening, immense respect, humbling humility and radical love. She credits these values to growing up in a home where she was afforded choice and recognizes the privilege in choice itself.

Roxy Szal, head of Marketing


Roxanne Szal, or Roxy, holds a masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

She came onboard the Graymake team in September of 2018. Roxy is passionate about authentic communication, whether through the medium of digital storytelling or face-to-face verbal.

Our Team of Consultants

Graymake values diversity, and therefore we seek to offer consultants that meet the needs of your specific scope of work. We are constantly updating our roster of skilled practitioners who are ready to support you.  

Graymake: explore the gray