Core Competencies

Organization Development


Simply put, organizational development is using behavioral science to help organizations improve individuals and systems.

Organization development can help if you’re struggling with:

  • Employee engagement and morale—motivation and engagement seem to be missing. People don’t feel empowered to lead change or improve their circumstances
  • Trust—Discord among different levels of leadership or different departments makes it hard for your company to move forward together. 
  • Communication—Teams seem to function in silos and don’t understand what other divisions are doing and how to leverage them 
  • Innovation—There seems to be a lack of new ideas and fresh approaches 
  • Accountability—Systems and structures to promote accountability are lacking. People are unclear about who is responsible for what and how to effectively measure progress.
  • Integrity—The company’s values and mission statement aren’t alive in the workplace on a day-to-day basis.



Conflict is not always “bad.” In fact, conflict can simply be unaddressed energy, possibly due to a variety of reasons which include culture, fear, past experiences, conflict styles and more.

That’s where we hope to support meaningful shifts that can actually bring your team closer together. 

Whether you need workplace mediation, a coaching conversation, or support in managing an event that could become heated, we have tools and techniques to discuss with you. It may be one-on-one all the way, a large-scale intervention involving hundreds or something in between.



While minor tensions and disputes can often be handled with proven conflict management strategies, more serious conflicts and wrongdoings often require a process that can adequately address the emotional impact of the harmful behavior and its aftermath. 

We bring the practice of restorative justice into the workplace so that workplace grievances can be fully healed and resolved at all levels.

Identity & Belonging


You hear different buzzwords for this kind of work: Diversity and inclusion, identity and belonging, among others. 

At Graymake, we believe that to know oneself is to be most effective. Getting your team connected to their values, purpose, and passions make for a stronger, more productive, and loyal workforce.

There are many facets to one’s understanding of self. What is important to explore is where aspects of “self” help your team members and where they block progress in reaching better outcomes.

We believe the way you show up is hugely important for work to be as successful as possible. Unpacking dimensions of oneself and relating those understandings to power, systems and processes is a key aspect of creating better organizations.

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