Workshop: Conflict as Identity 

Monday, November 11, 5:30-8:30 @ Tranquili-Chi

To know oneself is to be most productive.

There is much discussion about layers of identity and belonging. Race, ethnicity, gender, faith, and even political ideology are becoming more common to discuss and explore as we learn more about what defines healthy workplaces and functional communities. What is still not often examined is our conflict origin story. Reading, studying and re-authoring this aspect of our identity is incredibly powerful as we continue to shape our story of self and our relationship to the groups we are a part of. Getting to know your own relationship to conflict is crucial to any work you may do. 

This facilitation will explore our assumptions as they relate to conflict, as well as how we feel about conflict now and whether those stories are serving us and how. We will use conflict inventories, individual and group activities to determine how to identify our own conflict styles, triggers and profiles. 

Session Objectives:

  • Define and potentially redefine conflict  
  • Understand what experiences from our past may be affecting our current relationship to conflict
  • Discover our conflict style
  • Learn tools to approach conflict anew, depending upon various situations 
  • Clarify how conflict shows up in various aspects of our lives; especially in our organizational role

Circle: Gratitude and Reframing Family Experience 

Thursday, November 21 @ Tranquili-Chi
1421 Clarkview Road, Suite 206, Baltimore, MD 21209

Session 1: 12:30-3:30

Session 2: 5:30-8:30

In light of this time of year when many both hold gratitude especially near, and also gather in often challenging relationships, we will utilize this time together in circle to explore those tensions and narrow what Parker Palmer refers to as the “tragic gap.”

By reflecting on questions such as, “What went right in your childhood?,” we will co-create new narratives that will anchor and empower us to move into the “most stressful time of year” for many. 

Circle practice is a way of bringing people together in which:

  • Everyone is respected
  • Everyone gets a chance to talk without interruption
  • Participants explain themselves by telling their stories
  • Everyone is equal- no person is more important than anyone else
  • Spiritual and emotional aspects of individual experience are welcomed 

The Circle Series Experience

“So worthwhile”
“An incredible opportunity”
“It made me a better professional and a better boss.”

Circle practices bring people together in a way that allows them to hear one another differently through the act of storytelling. Since everyone is given the opportunity to speak without interruption, it feels pretty powerful for both speaker and listener. 

In a world that feels fractured and polarized, circle groups are a unique opportunity to build community with one another—and the feeling of unity and respect will no doubt resonate to all the aspects of your life!

In this series, we will sit in community with one another to talk about important topics, from setting New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually keep, to getting unstuck when life begins to feel like it’s too much—or not enough.

Join us for one, or stay for the series!
Receive a discount for purchasing all six.

Learn more about the circles series experience.

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