Circle Program

Graymake Community Circle Program

restorative circle program

What is a circle?

Circle is a safe space to come together. Drawing on native and indigenous traditions, circle inspires a different quality of conversation because there are careful steps taken to ensure that the container of circle is created as a community. This means that everyone has a voice in the way that the process with operate and the values that create its foundation.

Components of Circles

  • A talking piece is the primary mode of regulating the conversation, so that each person has an equal opportunity to speak.
  • Participants engage in an intentional conversation about values and a set of guidelines for how they want to be together.
  • The process opens and closes with some form of ceremony.
  • Building relationships precedes and is treated as equally important as tackling difficult issues.

Why now?

I got into this work because we are in a time of division. I want to work with leaders who are having a hard time transitioning into the movements of diversity and inclusion, belonging, wholeness, identity and so much more. I yearn to support them in shifting from a place of confusion to clarity; to hold complexities, eliminate avoidance and redefine reconciliation as power.

This said, I believe they too must have spaces of their own to feel they can talk openly and without judgment or a feeling that they are being asked to change; especially before they are fully heard themselves!


What do you stand to gain by participating?

  • Practice some deep, personal introspective work
  • Develop the ability to move beyond “check in”
  • A solid process for building trust
  • A powerful tool for relationship building across ethnic, racial, generational, class, and other differences
  • A process for collaborative decision making
  • A new way to make difficult decisions
  • A new tool for strategic planning
  • The ability to draw out those who you rarely hear from, or to speak if you typically remain silent
  • A shift in your understand of power and your way of thinking about leadership
  • A tool to solicit complete information that most leaders so not receive (because information is filtered as it travels upwards)
  • A new practice of self-care
  • A cohort/peer group to share ideas with and solicit wisdom from
  • Plan of action for how to implement the Circle Way into your workplace or other areas of your life

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Community Circles for Entrepreneurs 

*First Thursdays*Entrepreneurs


Community Circles for Non-Profit Leaders

*Second Thursdays*

Non Profit Leaders Final (1).png


Community Circles for Corporate Leaders

*Third Thursdays*

Corporate Leaders Final (1)


Community Circles for Women on the Rise

*Fourth Thursdays*

Women on the Rise

Sessions will be tailored to meet each group’s individual needs.


Curious about what to expect or the results of a circle program? 

“I feel like I’m smarter, because there is so much wisdom in the room. … It feeds your soul. It gets you to slow down, to be thoughtful, to listen.”

“Anne has a special gift for connecting diverse groups of people and helping us learn that ‘we are more alike than we are different’.

I appreciate having a space where I can reflect and grow individually and collectively, a space where I can show up as my authentic self in a room full of different others without feeling judged, a space where I can be vulnerable. It takes special skill to create a space that can facilitate that type of safety and openness and Anne consistently does it with ease.

I am ever grateful for the gift of circle and strongly believe that it can be just as transformative for others as it has been for me.” J. Alexis Abrams, PhD

Questons? Email Anne Hilb at for more information!

This program wouldn’t be possible without the power of community. In that vein, a special thanks to Maria Darby for the support in securing our beautiful space at the Keswick Wise and Well Center.