Organization Development


Organization Development (OD) is the systematic application of behavioral science at various levels to bring about planned change. Objectives include productivity, higher quality of work life, adaptability and effectiveness.

The values of Organization Development overlap with the values of Graymake Consulting. Each process in OD is meant to be democratic, inclusive and iterative.

All of the work we draw from promotes these values to reinforce self determination and build greater trust. When we do work as process consultants, you remain the expert in content and we ask questions about the type of shift you hope for. By supporting you and those around you in exploring the way you communicate or create your processes, you are able to determine how you may promote shifts to see the change you desire.

Restorative Justice


Restorative Justice is an approach to justice. It is a framework which applies a methodology and a set of principles; many of which overlap directly with Organization Development.

Since we are seeking to do values- based work when we explore behavior change, Graymake draws from wisdom and practices from this field. In particular, Graymake strives to apply an equity and trauma informed lens, seeking to confront all aspects of group and individual identities in brave spaces. Here we know that shallow relationships make for shallow analyses which stifle innovation and effect production. We also recognize how uniquely we may approach relationship because of those varied cultural lenses.

By agreeing on common definitions of justice, repairing harm, and acknowledging the fundamental hypothesis of RJ, Graymake supports clients in movement towards their goals.



Often times we hear terms like “conflict resolution” or “conflict management.”

At Graymake, we look to explore the dialogue that happens around the topic of conflict, (instead about it), to share that conflict is not always “bad.” In fact, conflict can simply be unaddressed energy.  This may be due to a variety of reasons which include culture, fear, past experiences, conflict styles and more.

That’s where we hope to support meaningful shifts.

Whether you need workplace mediation, a coaching conversation, or support in managing an event that could become heated, we have tools and techniques to discuss with you. It may be one-on-one all the way, a large-scale intervention involving hundreds or something in between.

Identity & Belonging


At Graymake we believe that to know oneself is to be most effective.

You hear different buzzwords for this work: Diversity and inclusion, identity and belonging, among others. In Organization Development we explore Use of Self, or “Self as Instrument.”

There are many facets to one’s understanding of self. What is important to explore is where aspects of self help you and where they block progress in reaching better outcomes.

We believe the way you show up is hugely important for work to be as successful as possible. Unpacking dimensions of oneself and relating those understandings to power, systems and processes is a key aspect of creating better organizations.

Learn how we can bring our expertise to your organization here. 

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