Consultation & Coaching

We will explore needs by gathering information about what is happening inside your organization or for you as an individual(s), set goals in partnership, design a plan of action and utilize new ways of communicating to promote change. By generating new ideas from those closest to the work you most hope to change, that change is most likely to stick.

Conflict Management

Similar to the consultation process, we will begin by asking questions. We will determine what structural supports are most needed to build community and to repair harms.

Team Development

Team development is fundamental to every aspect of your work; whatever it may be. This has many points of entry and can support the resolution of nearly any challenge you may be facing.

Identity & Belonging

If you acknowledge the benefits a deep sense of belonging and connection in the workplace provide, you will make way for better outcomes. Talk to us more about how we can work with you in ways most fitting for your environment.

Meeting Design & Facilitation 

Critical for efficiency, for meeting desired outcomes, and for mission and vision alignment.

Strategic Planning

How are you setting and measuring goals or progress? What type of alignment is there in your organization? How visionary do you hope to become in your field?

Succession Planning

Graymake works proactively in all work we do. Planning for the future is woven into every area of business. We will begin with an initial assessment to determine where you are and your readiness for this work in order to support you in being the best organization you can be. It is never too early to begin.

Professional Development Training

See our training page for more information.

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